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How To Protect Your Business With Confidentiality Agreements

Contracts play a significant role in securing a business’s operations, finances and reputation, regardless of its size. Also, contracts are used to protect confidential information. Financial data, your competitive advantage or inventions, and confidential information encompass a wide variety of categories that make up the core of your business.

Your employees, partners and shareholders all need to access this information to a certain extent to perform their duties. Therefore, you need a solid framework to regulate who can access your company’s business information and under what conditions. All of this can be regulated through nondisclosure agreements (NDAs) or special clauses included in employment agreements, such as noncompete clauses.

Let Your Competitive Advantage Remain A Secret

In order to draft an effective NDA or employment agreement, you, as a business owner, require the assistance of an experienced attorney knowledgeable in contract law. The reason is simple: A contract attorney can advise you about what to include in your agreement and how to make it easily enforceable.

For over 10 years, attorney Sarah Gold has helped her New York clients navigate through the complexities of business law. She has become a reliable legal partner and adviser to help clients meet their goals and protect their businesses through tailored NDAs and employment agreements.

At her Gold Law Firm, Sarah Gold can assist you in defining an enforceable scope according to your needs and considering the following:

  • Definition of the parties that can receive confidential information
  • Outlining of a reasonable scope of what is confidential information and the restrictions applicable
  • Determination of time frames regarding the value of information

Attorney Sarah Gold will carve out a solution to meet your goals, needs and restrictions required to protect your business. Whether you are creating initial drafts or updating your current agreements, you have an experienced and trusted ally.

Learn How To Protect Your Confidentiality

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